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Garage Flooring

Out of all the places on a property, the garage can take some of the worst abuse. Between heavy vehicles moving in and out of it, and pulling double duty as a workshop, the garage floor takes a beating throughout the year.

Soft Crete can help with cracked or chipped garage flooring, or if you’re building brand new, can get ahead of damage flooring. Soft Crete’s standard benefits make it the perfect choice for such a high-traffic area, but in particular, Soft Crete is::
  • Low Weight, and therefore ideal for balconies and decks that are off the ground

  • Easily Applied, negating the need for heavy and intrusive equipment

  • Can be Waterproofed, improving the weight balance for flat roof applications

Repair & Resurfacing of Pool Decks with Soft Crete

The Major House Renovation

See our gallery below for examples of our work on pool surrounds, and our TV section for a look at our process and appearances on HGTV’s hit show Bryan Inc and Kate Campbell’s The Major House Renovation.

Soft Crete was the material of choice for Kate Campbell on her garage floor for "The Major House Renovation", the show features Kate and her husband David in the restoration of their 150 year old farmhouse. Kate has been part of many HGTV shows over the years, such as Holmes Inspections, Canada's Handyman CHALLENGE, HOLMES ON HOMES, HOLMES IN NEW ORLEANS, DECK WARS, DECKED OUT, DISASTER DECKS, CUSTOM BUILT & Home to WIN.

To watch episodes of The Major House Renovation, visit

We will be featured in the episode which showcases the transformation of the garage floor, video links to follow pursuant to air dates.