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Soft Crete is the ideal choice for pool deck resurfacing.

Our rubber decks are decorative and slip-resistant! Whether you’re building a brand new pool or looking to resurface an old surround, Soft Crete’s small granule design makes for a smooth, flexible finish.

Several of Soft Crete’s standard benefits are ideal for pool surfacing, including:

  • Slip-Resistant, even when wet!

  • Shock Absorbing, for safety during any accidental tumbles

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, for any size or scale of pool you need to surface.

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The Process

  • Soft Crete is mixed on site, poured and hand troweled in place. The application process is fairly non invasive, relatively clean and most installations are accomplished in 1 day.

  • Being a troweled in place product, Soft Crete has the ability to cosmetic blend surfaces, filling in voids and imperfections within the installation process. Should your surface require extensive surface correction, a fill or repair may be necessary, our installers are able to handle such repairs prior to the application of Soft Crete.

  • Soft Crete requires no expansion joints or saw cuts during pool deck repair or any resurfacing. Rubber is flexible, having the ability to expand and contract during freeze cycles. Thus on a pool deck, all saw cuts and expansion joints are filled in to form a uniform seamless surface.

  • Following installation, the surface must remain free of foot traffic for 24-48 hrs (depending on temperatures and relative humidity). Patio furnishings and heavy use are okay after 7 days. Then your non-slip pool deck is ready for use.

  • Please feel free to watch one of our installation videos for a better appreciation of our rubber pool surrounds. If you're looking for a pool deck contractor for your pool surround resurfacing, visit our installers page.

Repair & Resurfacing of Pool Decks with Soft Crete

For consumer education of Rubber Surfacing, the following is a short clip of a Soft Crete Application in a recent appearance on HGTV’s hit show Bryan inc. Please visit HGTV.ca for full episodes.

See our gallery below for examples of our work on pool surrounds, and our TV section for a look at our process and appearances on HGTV’s hit show Bryan Inc and Kate Campbell’s The Major House Renovation.

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