PourousCrete – Permeable Paving

Porous Crete is an environmentally-friendly, poured in place permeable paving product, designed for paving vehicle and pedestrian pathways. Its unique mix allows water infiltration through the top of the paved surface through to the soil below.

Porous Crete aids in the control of stormwater, by allowing excess water to percolate through the surface, bypassing the traditionally impervious materials to the soil beneath. This process is important, not only because it controls stormwater, but it also reduces runoff and improves water quality by allowing the surface to indirectly filter pollutants as the water passes through.

Porous Crete is offered for Residential, Commercial and Municipal applications, and is ideal for surfaces such as:
  • Pathways, Trails, and Sidewalks

  • Driveways and Parking Lots

  • Water Features

  • Green Roofs

PorousCrete Permeable Path Demonstration

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PourousCrete Straight Forest Pathway