Soft Crete is a blend of rubber and UV stable resin. It’s among the most versatile surfaces, able to be applied not only as a new surface, but as a top coat to deteriorating surfaces of almost any material!

There’s plenty of benefits to using Soft Crete for almost every surface. Soft Crete is:

  • Resilient, able to withstand wear and tear as well as sudden damage

  • Low Maintenance, with no special cleaning method or materials required

  • Decorative, with a flexible colour palette and design possibilities

  • Easy to Install, giving you a brand new surface useable within 48 hours

  • Slip Resistant and Shock Absorbing, making your property safer

  • Backed by a minimum 5 year warranty, which can be extended up to 15!

Available in different blends to suit your unique needs, Soft Crete can be the perfect solution for your indoor or outdoor surface!Contact us today for a free, written, no obligation quote.

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