David Hoffman

November 16, 2017

Marco and his excellent crew of installers transformed/rescued my old , deteriorated backyard concrete pool deck/patio (approx. 1500 square feet) that had been patched/repatched, painted over several times – cracked and practically unusable and turned it into a beautiful and durable softcrete work-of-art. I can’t speak highly enough of Marco and his very capable crew – extremely professional, efficient, very well organized and good-natured. In my opinion Elite Surfacing is a very CUSTOMER ORIENTED organization!!! The finished product was absolutely amazing!!! The difference between “before and after” is like “DAY AND NIGHT”!! I highly endorse Elite Surfacing – they’re simply the best!!!! I interviewed all the major rubber surfacing vendors in the GTA (site visits, obtained quote estimates, etc.) and I am thankful that I had the good sense to select Elite Surfacing (Marco et al).

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