Rubber Gym Flooring -The Seamless Answer to Safe Athletic Flooring

May 1, 2020

Physical activity and play are both essential parts of being human. Some would say they are interchangeable. However, it is also necessary to recognize that these activities are not as accessible if not performed in a safe environment. 

In many playgrounds, there are a variety of cushioned flooring components used to minimize injury to children. Further, this applies to professional gyms as well, since athletes require soft surfaces to train. Without specialized coatings, powerlifters would risk damaging the floor (think of dropping weights) or harming themselves (try doing situps without a floor matt). 

Thus, the standard answers to this problem have come in the form of rubber matt flooring for gyms, and wood mulch for children’s playgrounds. However, the revolutionary technology of softcrete has quite literally paved the way for an even safer and more functional type of rubber gym flooring.

Why is Rubber Gymn Flooring Better?

a black rubber surface with the end of a metal dumbbell layed on top of it. Rubber gym flooring is shock-absorbent, which is ideal when using weights that can damage surfaces.

Softcrete is a unique ‘wet pour’ mixture made up of shredded rubber and glue that operates much like wet concrete spread. The substance is entirely mailable at first, being poured and spread flat over the desired surface. Once done, the mixture hardens into a seamless, smooth, and tactile surface. As a building material, softcrete is far more flexible than the standard jigsaw rubber mats since it is malleable. 

The softcrete can take the shape of any enclosure it is poured into, making it far easier to mould around curved surfaces. Rubber surfaces also have shock-absorbing abilities that make it ideal for foot traffic and weightlifting. 

Finally, since the softcrete is one singular mass, it is easy to clean. Still, it also does not pose safety problems like other alternatives. More information and context can be found in our ultimate guide

In Comparison to Rubber Matts

The main advantage that softcrete has as an alternative to rubber flooring lies in the evidence of creases. Regular rubber mats come in square tiles. Installation requires them to be pieced together and glued down. Sometimes rubber mats come as jigsaw pieces that interlock together. 

Installing these tiles is similar to masonry bricks or carpets. Because of the fragmented nature of these tiles (especially the jigsaw style), small creases can be seen, which pose a tripping hazard. 

Furthermore, not all rubber mats are waterproof. Other than the apparent slipping risk, water can flow through even the smallest of creases and cause physical damage to the tiles beneath. Water damage is undoubtedly a precursor to mould growth.

Rubber gymn flooring is also easily maintaned, on top of being waterproof. 

In Comparison to Mulch

In terms of children’s outdoor safety, many playgrounds have used organic materials like pea gravel and dirt. Out of these organic materials, Mulch happens to be one of the more popular choices. This is because the consistency of finely shredded wood chips is surprisingly soft. Mulch provides excellent cushioning, looks beautiful, is rather cheap, and can allow water to pass through it. Most Mulch also lacks chemical dyes, which is very important for the surrounding environment and the children’s health. Yet, many downsides can occur, which softcrete can eliminate quickly. 

Yes, Mulch is cushioned. However, wood chips are still rough material. Wood mulch poses the threat of splinters for those without shoes, or who are unlucky enough to fall the wrong way. 

Although Mulch can let water pass through it, the heaped-up layers of partially absorbed water can create a perfect environment for fleas and mould growth. Likewise, wood is still an organic material. It is more likely to have a shorter lifespan than softcrete due to its rotting.

Technology is continually improving, so it follows that there will always be better ways of doing things. When considering material for building an athletic space, softcrete is currently the most pragmatic choice in terms of its function, and ability to take any shape.

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