Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Soft Crete?

    Soft Crete is a rubberized surfacing product, utilized to create a safe slip resistant & impact absorbing surface on interior and exterior applications. Soft Crete is made up of two main components Part “A” Rubber & Part “B” Resin.

  • What can Soft Crete be applied to?

    Soft Crete can be applied to Concrete, Paving Stone, Asphalt, Interlock, Flag Stone, Coated Steel, Roofing membranes and wood.

  • Who can apply Soft Crete?

    Only trained installers are authorized to install Soft Crete. All Soft Crete Dealers are vetted for quality of work via reference checks, WSIB compliance and adequate liability insurance.

  • How is Soft Crete Installed?

    Our materials arrive along with our installation crews, Rubber (part A) is packaged in 55lb bags or larger returnable containers, our binding agent (part B) is packaged in sealed pails. Prior to installation, our crews will assure that the surface is prepped for installation. Riding of contaminants and pre determining transition points. Materials are then mixed on site in a mid size mortar mixer, from the mixer the material is transported to the installation area, poured and troweled in place.

  • What is the cure time?

    The cure time for Soft Crete is generally 24-48 hrs, this time frame is dependant on temperatures and humidity.

  • Does it get hot?

    Porous Rubber Surfacing stays cooler than concrete or other paving products with colour. This being said, as with any coloured paving product, the darker the colour the more heat will be drawn in.

  • What happens in the winter?

    Rubber Surfacing is flexible, thus the product has the ability to move along with Canadian Freeze Cycles.

  • Does it impact drainage?

    Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing is porous, the water will filter beneath the surface and run off of the original substrate in the path of least resistance.

  • Is it water proof?

    Not as a stand alone product, however it can be made waterproof when used in conjunction with a membrane.

  • Is Rubber Maintenance Free?

    Rubber Surfacing is considered low maintenance but as with any other decorative paving or outside product, it does benefit from occasional cleaning and UV sealing. This assures that the rubber surface remains in pristine condition and vibrant, providing year after year of enjoyment.

  • How do I clean it?

    A scrub brush, garden hose and mild soap is most times all that is needed. For heavier staining or neglected surfaces a pressure washer will do a great job.

    Interior Rubber Surfacing can be treated as a carpet. To maintain we recommend a vacuum on regular intervals. In the event of staining, a carpet cleaning machine will do a great job in returning that good as new look.

  • What is your Warranty?

    Our Independently Operated Authorized Dealers provide a STANDARD WARRANTY which covers defects of Cracks, Rips and Tears on installed Soft Crete Surfaces. The covered time frame from date of application is 3 Years on Commercial installs and 5 Years on Residential. Warranty Details: If a Crack, Rip or Tear occurs in the surface within the warranty time frame, the Authorized Dealer will have the responsibility to repair the failed area at no cost to the consumer.

  • Who is responsible for the Warranty?

    Authorized Dealers hold responsibility for the Warranty of the completed product for their customers. Our Dealers operate independently. Soft Crete Authorized Dealers stand behind their products and services. If you have any concerns, please contact your dealer immediately. Our Dealers are supported with a raw material Warranty, assuring that they are receiving hi quality materials for their installs, this warranty is backed by Soft Crete TM.

  • Do I have to seal the Surface?

    No. You don’t have to…. but you should. Soft Crete is taking a pro active approach in educating the public on Rubber Surfacing and the benefits of UV sealing. It is not required by our Warranty but the benefits are well worth it. Similar to wax on a new car. Soft Crete Clear Seal rejuvenates colour pigment, creating a fresh barrier of UV protection while giving the surface a nice glossy appearance.

  • How often should I seal the surface?

    We recommend sealing on a bi annual basis (every 2 years)

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