Stylish and Safe This Summer: Resurfacing Your Pool Deck

April 23, 2020

As the warm weather approaches, you may be looking at your ageing or damaged pool deck and longing for a change. Even in perfect conditions, certain materials can be a considerable risk factor for frequently hazardous surfaces. This begs the question: What can you do to optimize your pool deck’s appearance and safety?

Poured Rubber excels in high traffic areas, especially where exposure to the elements can make the surface unsafe. With unique mixes allowing for custom colours and patterns, even with additional safety considerations, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Pool Deck Safety

lake with a orange life preserver hanging on a metal railing. The material of your pool deck impacts the overall safety of the pool itself.

Being safe around the pool is a top priority. Regardless of who uses your pool, the surface can be accident-prone. Typical surfaces like smooth stone or concrete can accumulate water and become slippery: particular mixes of poured rubber surfacing are slip-proof. In the extreme event of a spill, they can also be shock-absorbing, minimizing the damage of any falls.

Quick Installation

The idea of undertaking an extensive renovation project during our limited Canadian summers can be daunting, especially with a project like a pool surface. You want access to your summer retreat as soon as you can get it. Still, removing previous surfaces and installing a new one is time-consuming. 

With rubber surfacing, however, your pool deck can be ready to go in as little as 48 hours, with no messy removal process. Rubber can be poured over and around your current pool deck without erecting a bothersome, crowded construction site that takes up your whole yard for the summer.

Low Maintenance

Pools can be a significant workload between cleaning and chemical maintenance. Keeping the area around the pool clean and functional can add significantly to your pool chores, especially when kids are running around.

The rubber surfacing is easy to care for, though. Rubber surface cleaning occurs alongside your pool with no extra materials needed. Rubber washes clean with just soap and water. Additionally, debris is cleared quickly with a vacuum. Cleaning it also has no adverse effect on its colour or design, due to its tactile durability. 


In terms of colour and design, rubber surfacing has a wide array of possible colours. Far from the black floor mats that people picture, Rubber can be accented with colour to compliment your pool area without sacrificing function. Depending on your installer, Rubber can also be laid in particular designs, creating logos, patterns, or just a stylish colour layout.

Choose the Quick Poolside Refresh!

Summer doesn’t last long, so why waste it with a long and messy renovation process? You don’t have to stick with your drab. It is broken down poolside either: rubber surfacing is the perfect solution to refresh your pool deck and give you back your backyard for the summer!

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